Short Programme in Strategic Logistics Management

Part Time | TSA Short Programme* | Short Programmes upgrade skills and knowledge to ensure success in a chosen field of learning, but are not credit bearing.

Why this course is perfect for you?

Logistics Management improves the efficiency of each department within a business by streamlining its operations and costs and therefore increasing its profitability. The programme in Strategic Logistics Management covers all aspects of strategic logistics management: From theories to strategies and operational guidelines, emphasising the impact of this discipline on customer service, transportation, warehousing, order processing, purchasing, importing and exporting.

Careers you’d be great at

Learners could pursue a career as a:

  • Strategic Logistic Supervisor
  • Strategic Logistic Manager

How to get in?

  • Learners are required to have knowledge, comprehension and application of English and Mathematics at Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Relevant strategic logistics management experience would be an advantage i.e. in an occupation in which they will practice these Transport, Operations and Logistics competences.

Time you will spend on the course

The programme duration is 80 hours and the tuition is face-to-face. Each TSA campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

Course content and modules

The following outcomes will be achieved in this programme:

  • Logistic roles in the economy and company
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer service
  • Financial impact of inventory
  • Inventory management
  • Managing material flow
  • The logistics-manufacturing interface
  • Transportation and transportation strategies
  • Computer technology and traffic management
  • Warehousing
  • Materials handling, computerisation and packaging
  • Procurement procedures
  • Global logistics strategies
  • Importance of an effective logistics organisation
  • Measurement and control of the performance of the logistics function
  • The strategic logistics plan

The strength in your qualification

On successful completion of the programme, the learner will receive the TSA Short Programme in Strategic Logistics Management Certificate.

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